Christ’s Love For Us

Christ’s love for us is a:

  • Universal love (Matt. 20:28, I Tim. 1:15)

  • Personal love (John 13:1, Rev. 1:5)

  • Powerful/triumphant love

    • It has the power to save (I John 3:16, Rev. 1:5)
    • It cannot be overpowered (Rom. 8:35-37, John 16:33)
  • Demanding love

    • We must love and obey Him (John 14:15, Heb. 5:8-9)
    • We must love others (John 15:12, Eph. 5:2)
    • We must tell the story of His love (Rom. 1:14-16, I Cor. 9:16)
  • Compelling love (II Cor. 5:14-15)

    • Because He died for us, we live for Him.

Christ suffered because of His love for us.

His love for us continues to bring Him pain when we do not live for Him.

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