Our spiritual freedom in Christ is like our national freedom because:

  • Freedom was not free.

    • We were bought with a price (I Cor. 6:20, 7:23).
    • Jesus was sent into the world (John 3:16, Rom. 8:32, I John 4:9-10) to liberate us (Luke 4:18).
    • He paid our ransom (John 10:18, I Pet. 3:18, Matt. 20:28).
  • Freedom must be maintained.

    • False teachings can rob us of our liberty (Gal. 2:4, Acts 20:30, II Pet. 2:19, Gal. 1:7).
    • We must not be willing victims of false teachers (II Tim. 4:3).
    • We must pay the price of vigilance to remain free (II John 1:9, NASB).
  • Freedom has limitations.

    • We must not abuse the grace of God through intentional sin (Rom. 3:8, 6:1-2, 6:15).
    • We must not use our freedom to offend our brother’s conscience (Rom. 14:21, I Cor. 8:9, 12).
  • Freedom comes with responsibilities.

    • We must thank and glorify the Ones who paid the price for our redemption (I Cor. 6:20, I Pet. 2:9).
    • We must spread Their teachings (Titus 2:12).
    • We must spread the news about the liberty available in Christ Jesus (Mark 16:15).

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