Let no one despise your youth . . .
(1 Tim 4:12 NKJV)

God has always used young people to do great things.

  • God used David to oppose the enemies of God. (I Sam. 17)
  • God used Joseph to save His people from famine. (Gen. 37)
  • God used Daniel to reveal Him as the One True God. (Dan. 2)

Young people today can do great things in the Lord’s kingdom if they have:

  • A trust in God like David’s. (I Sam. 17; II Sam. 22:31; John 16:33)
  • A willingness to flee sexual immorality like Joseph’s. (Gen. 39:9, II Tim. 2:22; Eccl. 11:9)
  • A determination to be true to religious convictions like Daniel’s. (Dan. 1:8)

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